Company pays great attention to the absorption of up-to-the minute technologies, hitech and development of individual technical solutions for customers on their bases. With that the most important aspect is integration in the hardware/software level as well as in the level of various detection, location, information transfer, imaging, data backup and other technologies. This includes:

• Detection and location technologies, by using:
- infrared radiation
- laser emission
- microwave radiation 
- electromagnetic radiation
- tensor effects
- logic analysis of microvibrations
- video picture analysis

• Information transfer technologies:
- through signal cables
- through coaxial cables
- through twisted pairs
- through fiber cables
- through wireless channels
- through microwave links
- through GSM, GPRS, PSTN 
- through LAN/WAN network
- in infrared band

• Information imaging technologies, on the base of:
- optical diode
- cathode ray tube
- plasma panels
- LCD panels
- projection screens

• Technologies on the basis of global positioning system (GPS).

• Smart data processing and decision making technologies. 

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