The experience of more than 18 years backed on progressive world experience allows developing the effective high-technology integrated solutions for various segments of market and consumer groups, by taking into account maximally the individual demands of consumers.

By integrating the technical means of various safety, automation, telecommunications, and IT systems, we are developing the individual solutions being optimal in the meaning of opportunities and costs and bearing important social trend as well.

We have great practical experience gained in such fields of application as:

1. Security of banks and office centers
2. Security of industrial and energy industry objects
3. Security of  port structures and airports
4. Security of government bodies and institutions
5. Security of trade and entertainment centers
6. Security of logistic centres, supply bases, and storehouses
7. Security of residential compound and villa communities 
8. Security of individual house properties, villas, and VIP-residencies
9. Special solutions for various business and individual applications
10. Video, audio alarm and GPS monitoring of  sites, vehicals and mobile objects

In practice all equipped objects are under concern of company.
It is provided that maintenance and maintenance is provided during all the working time of equipment.

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