During the 18 years of performance the collective body of company “BST” has performed more than 500 projects and installations at many segments of market, for the most various regional and foreign consumers. High quality of our technical solutions, assembly operations, and maintenance is confirmed by positive responses of both our consumers, foreign partners, suppliers of equipment, and long-term effective cooperation with strategic consumers in the sectors of energy, oil transit, banking, port, trade and other fields as well as in the sphere of VIP-residencies.

  Our strategic customers are government institutions, essential authorities, and large enterprises; a long-term cooperation is maintained and significant amount of contracts were executed with them.

The range of our customers includes:

• Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia;

• State Revenue Service;

• Department of Land Register;

• General Customs Department;

• Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia;

• Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia;

• Latvian Environment, Geology, and Meteorology Agency;

• “Ventspils nafta”, JSC – the largest oil
and oil product transshipment terminal
in Baltic States;

• “LatRosTrans”, Ltd. – oil and oil product
transit pipeline Polotsk – Ventspils
including pump stations;

• Border and customs checkpoints;  

• “Latvijas dzelzceļš”, SJSC (Latvian Railways);

• “Latvenergo”, JSC, "Augstsprieguma tīkls", JSC (High Voltage Network) (Hydro-electric power stations, Combined heat and power plants, high-voltage substations 330/110KV, and infrastructure facilities);

• “Lukoil” petrol stations – network of 42 petrol stations and tank farm in Latvia;

• “Maritime Administration of Latvia”, SJSC.

• Freeport of Riga Authority. Control objects,
control, boat traffic centre, Harbour Master. 

• “Riga Passenger Port”, Ltd.;

• Banks;

• "Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme", SJSC (Latvian Air Traffic), Liepāja International Airport;   

• Ventspils Business Centre; 

• Trade centres, hypermarkets “ORIGO”, “MOLS”, “SKY&MORE”, “K-Rauta”, “Cenuklubs”, “Reaton” and others;

• Enterprises  “Dzintars“, JSC and “Bolderāja”, Ltd.;

• Complexes of multiple apartment building;

• Villas and VIP-residencies; 

• and other objects.


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